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'Brisbane' Queensland

Temperatures over last 100 years

We could not find raw long term data series for Central Brisbane and so we used temperature data for Cape Moreton Lighthouse (64.7 kms from Central Brisbane) which may be of interest to some as this clearly will not show city heat effects. The best long term rainfall data we could find was for Alderley (6.2 kms from Central Brisbane) but there were serious gaps in the data for a few years around 2000. Grapsh using BoM's homogenised datta will be added soon.

These graphs show a very similar pattern to the graphs for Melbourne and Sydney below but the changes are smaller. The Maximum temperatures appear to have risen about 1° C over the last 20 years while the Minimum temperature has been rising for a longer period only 1.3° C over the last 40 years but flattening out since 2003. As a result the daily range fell from 1966 to 1996 and has risen since.

While the general temperature change is smaller than in Melbourne and Sydney, there is still a clear shift in the pace of rising temperatures over the last 20 or more years. This is a clear sign that there is a climate emergency and we and the government need to act very fast to stem the rise. Please sign the petition for the government to declare a climate emergency (see above right).

Meanwhile annual rainfall at Alderley was rising from 1910 to 1968 but appears to have declined since.