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Environment Organisations (regional)

The Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) is the peak regional non-government environment organisation for Far North Queensland. It was established in 1981 by concerned local and regional community members with an interest in nature conservation and environmental protection."

"Sustainability has four elements: environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability. So when we talk about the idea of sustainable communities, we are talking about communities which exist without degrading the natural environment, which provide for ongoing economic resilience and which nurture healthy, creative and culturally diverse societies. " Read More

"Formed in 1976, we are the peak umbrella environment group in northern NSW. We cover the area from the Hunter to the Tweed and west to the New England Highway. We also actively support other campaigns further afield. We receive no government funding and have no paid staff or central office. Our members and office-bearers work around the region, often travelling large distances to assist others as we organise in our defence of the environment and the communities it sustains." Read More

"NQCC, a peak organisation in the Statewide environmental movement, is the voice for the environment in north Queensland. It represents the area roughly bounded by Bowen in the south, Cardwell in the north, the Coral Sea in the east and the Northern Territory border in the west, advocating on regional issues.

NQCC is an umbrella group, aiming to support small, often single-issue and hands-on, local organisations in statewide forums. It works closely with other peak bodies, especially Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) to the north and the Mackay Conservation Group (MCG) to the south." Read More

Environment and Climate Organisations (grassroots)

"Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions (BREAZE) is a non-profit grassroots organisation, which has come about because members of the Ballarat community want to demonstrate that individual and community-based actions can make a difference in our response to climate change.

BREAZE was officially formed during a public forum in December 2006 when 40 people signed up to become members. After just 12 months, interest in BREAZE and its activities has grown to the extent membership and the email distribution list are numerically very strong. The beginnings of BREAZE as a grassroots organisation underpin its emphasis on engaging and supporting the Ballarat community, implementing actions and working with partners. We also advocate government policies that embrace climate change, while not aligning ourselves with any political party." Read More

"The Bathurst Community Climate Action Network was established in 2006 by members of the local community concerned by what they were learning about greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the global climate. It came about from a group of individuals who sought to be involved in the Bathurst Region response to one of the greatest challenges facing life on earth.

The organisation is a network of organisations and individuals working together to promote action on the challenge of climate change and sustainable equitable development. The principal focus is to work with local government, individuals and organisations in this shared challenge." Read More

Web site not functioning

"This new group, part of the Michelago Region Community Association (MRCA) was officially established on 27 August 2011 in Bredbo. … Climate Action Monaro has two aims: to inform the community on the science of climate change, and to seek action on both mitigation and adaptation." Read More

"A Renewable Energy Plan for Hunter. Climate Action Newcastle is currently undertaking work with a range of stakeholders across Newcastle to develop a scenario model for a clean energy transition for the Hunter region."

"From 2008, Climate Action Newcastle has co-ordinated the Newcastle's Going Solar program - Australia's largest community based bulk purchase of electric photovoltaic solar systems." Read More

"Climate Action Newtown (CAN) is a local community organisation based in Newtown NSW. Our aim is to persuade our governments to take meaningful action against global warming. CAN is a not-for profit organisation. All members are volunteers and the group is not aligned with any political party. New active members are always welcome!

Our goal is to create awareness among the local community that we are faced with a real climate emergency, and create pressure on our elected representatives to take strong action against climate change. We believe Australia needs to take urgent steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition our economy to a low carbon future based on 100% renewable energy." Read More

"CASES builds on several years of advocacy on climate change in the eastern suburbs. In the mid “naughties”, Australian media reports on climate change began to increase from monthly to weekly and, from about mid 2006, daily as Australia headed towards the 2007 Federal Election for a possible fourth term of a Liberal government that were largely climate change sceptics and offered no real climate action policy. Australian public concern about the impacts of climate change and the Federal Government’s weak response began to escalate." Read More

"the EcoNetwork-Port Stephens Inc website, dedicated to the interest of all who treasure and want to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of our Port Stephens estuary and hinterland.

We aim to excite and inform not only our affiliated organisations and individual members, but all those interested in a healthy environment.

Port Stephens contains diverse habitats: native vegetation, beaches, rocky headlands, saltmarsh, mangroves and wetlands, and unique reefs. Our challenge is to protect these natural assets from the excesses often associated with developer, commercial and other human activities." Read More

"a non-partisan community group in the Southern Highlands of NSW. CANWin works to minimise climate change and prepare for the effects of peak oil. We recognise that none of us can do this alone, but together we “must be the change we want to see in the world” (Mahatma Ghandi).

CANWin runs regular public events, such as speaker nights, film nights, and our recent Clean Energy Future workshop. We research and prepare information sheets for members and the public on scientific and technical matters that affect the sustainability of life on the Highlands. CANWin initiatives include programs such as Fruit Rescue and Community Exchange Southern Highlands, and we collaborate with many other local groups that share our vision for a united, resilient and sustainable community." Read More

"Climate Change Australia is a community climate action group, with branches in Grafton (Clarence Valley), Port Macquarie (Hastings Valley) and Taree (Manning Valley) in north eastern New South Wales.

The aims of Climate Change Australia are to:

+ raise awareness about climate change issues and impacts

+ encourage everyone to conserve energy and water

+ promote the increased use of renewable energy

+ encourage all levels of government to take urgent action on climate change (Read More)

Like many similar groups, Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle began because a few individuals saw a desperate need for change and set out to galvanise many. However, this group differs from others in one key respect: CCBR was the first climate change action group in Australia to be run by local residents for local residents. " Read More See also page33 and page 4.

Site under construction. "CEN is “a not-for-profit, non-politically-aligned network of… individuals, groups and organisations” who advocate “a safe climate future for all people, all species, and all generations”."

"Darebin Climate Action Now is an independent, non-party-politically aligned group of local citizens of all ages – campaigning for a safe climate future. We campaign actively in Alphington, Fairfield, Northcote, Preston, Reservoir and Thornbury." Read More

"Friends of the Earth (FoE) is a federation of autonomous local groups who are working towards an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable future. FoE Australia functions both through the activities of its local groups, and on the national level through appointed spokespeople, campaigns and projects, the national magazine - Chain Reaction, and the work of the national liaison officers." FoE has branches in Adelaide, Brisbane, Kuranda, Melbourne, South West WA, Sydney. Read More

"Friends of the Earth Melbourne believes that social and environmental issues cannot be separated from each other. As a result, FoE is a social and environmental justice organisation. It seeks to work towards a sustainable and equitable future and seeks to work in a way that empowers individuals and communities. This means that FoE operates on a collective basis using consensus for decision-making." Read More

Harnessing the cultural power of musicians to lead the way to a greener world. Green Music Australia is a not-for-profit campaigning organisation. Our goal is to help the Australian music scene to become a practical leader in sustainability - cutting energy use and waste streams, using renewable energy, and broadly showing our audiences how we can all go green while still having fun!

Once our industry is really leading the way, we can work with our fans to build a real groundswell for action to protect this precious world of ours." Read More

"LMCA was formed in 2007 by a group of local residents concerned about the threat and lack of action to mitigate climate change. LMCA works with our local council, businesses and other like minded organisations to achieve our aims. We meet monthly at LMCC chambers in Boolaroo. Actions include projects undertaken by different sub committees or individuals, organising events as well as sending letters to government, businesses and the media." Read More

"Lighter Footprints, is a significant and widening group of concerned residents from Boroondara and Whitehorse municipalities in Melbourne who came together in 2006 to see what we could do about the serious challenge of climate change.

In the face of well-demonstrated challenges for local people and the world at large, we aim to reduce our own carbon footprints, and to work collaboratively to achieve positive responses to climate change at local, state and national levels." Read More

"LOCALS INTO VICTORIA’S ENVIRONMENT is a non-profit, community organisation based in the City Port Phillip, an inner-city suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Our goal is to reduce the human contribution to, and the impact of, climate change on our planet. We do this by creating and delivering information, facilitating actions, involvement in campaigns and influencing decision makers." Read More

"Mackay Conservation Group is the peak environmental organisation in the Mackay region in Queensland, Australia.

The organisation focuses its conservation and environmental protection efforts on the Central Queensland Coast and Brigalow Belt bioregions in the area from Bowen in the north, west to Clermont and South to St Lawrence, and the off-shore islands of the Great Barrier Reef." Read More

"The Sustainability Group has over 270 voting members: local people taking action to combat climate change. We employ four staff, supported by volunteers at the MASG office in Castlemaine, central Victoria."

"MASG is committed to activity and practical projects that reduce carbon and build community resilience in the face of climate change. The People's Solar brings affordable solar energy to the community in a way that delivers a social dividend. We are working with Energy for the People to demonstrate the model in Mount Alexander Shire." Read More

"Our first official event was the launch on 3rd September 2007, but there had been plenty of work prior to this.

Annie Nielsen had planned and hosted two ‘Walks Against Warming’ (2005, 2006), formed an informal group of concerned people. Then the Australian Conservation Foundation organised a forum on climate change in May that was the catalyst for the formation of a local action group. Our first meeting was 5th July and generated lots of issues and ideas but most importantly it set up a committed group that became the core of ParraCAN and it gave us our name. The launch on 3rd September was a success with over 30 attending and more people joining the core group.

We followed this with a ‘Candidates for Climate Change’ Forum on the Federal Election of Nov 2007 - also well attended and we did another ‘Walk Against Warming’. The ‘footprints to Canberra’ which we managed for the Climate Institute was also a success – we were by far the most prolific footprint collectors nation-wide. We consolidated during 2008, but there was also a noticeable climate action collective sigh of relief with Howard finally gone and Rudd to lead the charge - how ironic to look back now and see the tortuous path to where we are today. ..." Read More

"Quit Coal is a Melbourne-based collective that campaigns against the expansion of the coal and unconventional gas industries in Victoria. As dangerous climate change escalates, ending the age of fossil fuels is one of the greatest global challenges we face today. Building new coal and gas infrastructure locks in decades of polluting, risky, and unsustainable technologies when we should be moving towards a future with clean, renewable energy." Read More

"Rising Tide Australia is a grassroots Newcastle group taking action against the causes of anthropogenic climate change and for equitable, just, effective, and sustainable solutions to the crisis. We are committed to the principles of Non-violent Direct Action. We are part of the global Rising Tide climate justice movement. We live in the biggest coal port in the cosmos." Read More

The SLA is a locl community initiative, part of the Transition Towns movement, with action groups on various topics - Energy, Climate, Transport, Heart and Soul, Community Garden, Armidale Local Food and Armidale Action on Coal Seam Gas Mining. There is a monthly forum on special topics and each group has its own meetings.

"WATCH is a local, non-partisan, community group. WATCH actively advocates for action on human‑induced climate change. WATCH assists people of the Albury-Wodonga region to clarify concerns about climate change and effectively express them to community leaders and decision‑makers. WATCH has a core committee of about 10 people and our monthly e-mail newsletter WATCHWORD goes out to over 500 people." Read More