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Long Run Temperature Patterns for Hobart, Tasmania, since 1918


Maximum Temperatures did not show a clear sign of rising till the late 1960s. Overall maximums have only risen about one degree on average since then, despite the recent heat waves.

Minimum Temperatures were higher before Wolrd War II than after when the 9 year average fell to about 8.4, since when they rose to 8.9 in 1978, fell back to 8.6 in 1994 and then rose again to 9.1 in 2012. Like the maximums, the overall rise is less than for the rest of Australia.

Diurnal Ranges rose from 8.5 to 9.2 by 1992 but has since fallen back to 8.8. Again this is very different to the rest of Australia where a common patter was for diurnal ranges to decrease and then increase.

Rainfall annually rose from around 560 mls in the late 1890s to around 70 mls (over 32% more) in 1956 but has declined since to an 8 year average around 580 mls.