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Melbourne Warming especially in Minimum Temperatures

Melbourne's maximum temperatures have risen 2 degrees (C) over the last 150 years though most of this (1.5) has been in the last 30 years, which is very rapid. Meanwhile Melbourne's minimum temperatures have risen 3 degrees (C) over the last 150 years, but again most of this (2.5) has been since the end of World War II (ie since the 1940's). 

This means that the daily range of temperature has declined, a surprising 2 degrees from the 1870s to the 1970s, since when it has risen half a degree. Meanwhile, annual rainfall was fiarly steady from the 1860s to the 1960s, but has fallen slightly since then.

Author: Colin Hargreaves, AoC. Free to copy but please show source.

Thus, when you look at what people in one city actually experience, the rise in temperature due to climate change is much greater than the commonly quoted broad averages over large areas and time. The temperatures will keep rising unless we do something to stem the rise.

We really do have a climate emergency on our hands.

Please sign the Climate Emergency Declaration calling on the Australian Parliament to declare a climate emergency and initiate a massive society-wide climate action mobilisation. We must Act on Climate NOW.

Author: Colin Hargreaves, AoC. Free to copy but please show source.