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Moruya's Long term Climate



Rose only about 1 degree from 1930 to 2010. From 1940's to 1990, almost flat and then shot off similar to the way maximums have elsewhere in the world. 2016 broke the records and was just off the top of the graph at 21.53. 2017 looks likely to be higher still. 


These were reasonably flat until the 1960's and since then have risen steadily about 1.5 degrees. 2016 broke all records at 12.71 and again 2017 looks likely to be higher still. 

Diurnal Range:

This reached its maximum in the 1960s and has basically dropped since as minimums are rising steadily while maximums rather faultingly. 


This seems to have risen fairly steadily from 1900 to 1990 but then sharply dropped back. However recently it seems to be picking up again. It's hard to be conclusive about rainfall as has often been the case elsewhere.