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Long Term Temperature and Rain Pattern for Newcastle (NSW)


Maximum Temperatures have risen nearly 2 degrees but note this is mostly over the last 20 years and so and rising faster than global averages. 

Minimum Temperatures have risen over 2 degrees also but steadily over the whole period, a typical pattern for minimum termperatures.

Diurnal Ranges have fallen for the 40 years as minimums rose but not maximums, and then it has risen ever since as maximum temperatures rose steeply.

This is a fairly common result that minimums started rising earlier but now maximums are rising much faster. 

Rainfall has generally fallen over this whole period from around 1300 to 1000mm, about 23%.

Data: Maximum and Minimum Temperatures are at Williamstown RAAF, next to Newcastle Airport, 1951-2016, while Rainfall is at Newcastle Nobbys Signal Station where a much longer span of data is available back to the 1860’s.