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Possible State and Federal

Climate Responses

We desperately need


with a


Below is just a list of possibilities to consider, many might be "unthinkables". Inclusion in this list does not imply any preferences of one over another or even their feasibility. If you have further ideas, please email them to [email protected]

There is no doubt that we are now in a dire situation; we have come to the crunch. We have now used up all the carbon budget to stay below a 2°C rise in global temperatures and anything that might help improve the situation should be put on the table. We need to think not only of ways to reduce carbon emission but all ways to adapt to a new world.

Federal Government


  • Tax on Carbon, fixed or rising each year, while reducing income taxes at lower incomes to compensate
  • Raise Petrol/Diesel Taxes, while reducing income taxes at lower incomes to compensate
  • Tax on wood burning stoves
  • Raising import taxes on highly energy inefficient imports


  • Invest in very high volume electricity grids across Australia and to Indonesia
  • Invest in Utility level Solar Power Stations, especially those using molten salt or other means to store energy for release over night
  • Electrification and expansion of rail
  • Invest in greater facilities to receive mass climate refugees
  • Strongest possible support for farmers on dealing with climate change and its affect on their farms in their local areas.
  • Research into carbon capture but this is far less important than immediately moving away from burning, oil, gas and coal.


  • Re-instate subsidies for solar panels, and ensure reasonable rates are paid by electricity network for energy supplied to the network
  • Subsidise cost of EVs
  • Subsidise purchases of large batteries for power storage
  • Subsidies for rental properties for solar panels
  • Support for research into energy saving in all ways

National advertising

  • Just like tobacco package warning messages, place posters at every petrol station showing how burning fuel will damage the climate. Also place sticker on every pump handle.
  • Ban all advertising of fossil fuelled motor cars at sports arenas, in newspapers and on TV
  • Positive promotion of Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Promotion of advantages of vegetarian diets 


  • Publicity on how to recognise and ameliorate heat stress
  • Policies to reduce the rise of insect born diseases such as Ross River Fever, etc
  • Publicity on how to respond to the increasing violence of weather systems, i.e. flash flooding, hail storms, gale force winds
  • Increased publicity on dress and other means of dealing with the sun's heat and radiation
  • Funding of more and speedier data collection and research into heatwave effects on health


  • Raising safety requirements for bridges, railways, buildings
  • Promotion of building designs that are energy efficient, that farm and store solar power, such as large batteries in the walls of skyscrapers.
  • Emission Trading schemes
  • National vetting of all water run-off flows, especially in urban areas, to reduce flooding.
  • Creating efficient transfer systems between different methods of transport with constant shuttle on railways to reduce lorry transport between state capitals. 


  • Set high minimum energy efficiencies, such as on fridges, air-conditioning and lighting
  • Set new building standards for residential and commercial buildings ensuring higher minimum thermal efficiency standards
  • Compulsory energy rating levels on all products
  • Banning the burning of oil, gas and/or coal for heating
  • Closing down all fossil fuel powered electricity generation
  • Very strong criminal prison sentences for arsonists lighting bush fires with strong advertisement of the penalties.
  • Institute full reporting of all emission by each ship and each plane on arrival at destination and researching methods to reduce these emissions
  • Reduction of flourinated gas emissions which, while not ozone depleting, are powerful greenhouse gases.
  • Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation

State Government


  • Electrification of all forms of public transports
  • Ban fossil fuelled taxis, only EVs. Could start by dramatically reducing the cost of a taxi licence for EV taxis.
  • Improved bike paths to stimulate use of bicycles in cities


  • Introduce power outlets to parking meters in towns and/or street light poles
  • Ban all fossil fuelled vehicles from city centres
  • Parking bays for EVs only, possibly with power outlet
  • Support for car pooling

Motor Vehicles

  • Increase strongly the registration and licence fees for fossil fuelled vehicles, scaling them to the carbon emissions of the vehicle type and age.
  • Provide zero or at least substantially reduce registration fees for EVs

Power Generation

  • Invest in solar powered utility level electricity generators, to supply capital cities foremost.


  • Banning the burning of wood in cities and within an extended area around cities
  • Start special training for SES volunteers on dealing with heat stress