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Possible Council Actions

Need for Tree Canopy in Suburbs - Needs Action

"The recent SOE report prepared by Bathurst council acknowledges the effects of climate change and the expected increased number of hotter days and elevated summer temperatures. It acknowledges the heat-island effects on downstream bio-diversity etc. It acknowledges increased storm water run-off from expanding hard surfaces.

All this and zero in the budget over the next 3-4 years to mitigate the effects. Minimal shade in our CBD streets to protect pedestrians. Bathurst CBD has less than 1% street tree canopy cover where as Sydney suburbs such as Surrey Hills, Glebe, the Rocks etc have 15% plus with a published strategy to increase to 21% over several years. Tamworth CBD has about 65% street tree canopy cover.

The LGA Urban Forest Policy (2003) recommended 15% canopy cover in CBD areas and 50% in residential. Many communities in other developed countries have a requirement for 50% canopy cover over surface car parks. Zero interest fromBathurst Council. 

A recent study by Prof. Liz Hanna of ANU (Feb 2014) reported a suburb with tree canopy cover was 7.5 degrees cooler that one with little canopy cover." Supplied by Warwick Artis of BCCAN

Council support to Pensioners to Install Solar Panels - Great Success

Cost defrayed in rates over ten years, covered by savings in electricity. Darebin City Council initiative. Read More