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Climate song competition - the greatest "climatunes"!

This is not a serious 'competition' with people competing against each other but down the track we may have to ask for votes on the most preferred to choose one particular song for an event or something for the media. If we can raise significant sponsorship for this, then maybe we will be able to give some prizes but the real aim is for those creating and performing to enjoy creating music and others to enjoy listening to them.

If we had all the following categories cross-tabulated, we would have some 6 cubed - 216 categories and then with 1st, 2nd and 3rd, that makes 648 prizes!!! So please let's have some fun with it where we do it for the cause. Climate change is not funny but we need some light relief and rallying songs. 


a) Purely environmental rather than about climate change per se

b) About climate change but not event specific

c) Songs for the People's March on 21st September

d) Songs worded for and sung by Children for Children's Week

e) Songs worded for Beyond Coal and Gas

f) Other

Age/status groups

i) Primary School Children, aged 11 or under

ii) Senior School Children, aged over 12 up to 18

iii) Students age 18+

iv) Adults - Amateur

v) Adults - Professional Musicians

v) Everyone Together!!


1) Solo or Duo,

2) Group

3) School Class or choir


 A) Performers

B) Song writers and Lyricists

More info coming very soon with links to where you can download offerings.

In the meantime, please email your songs appending a separte sheet of the lyrics to [email protected] (click on here). Thanks.

How to enter your song

Any Member can post an entry on the Blog page and so please register to do that. This could include the URL of a YouTube file possibly. During moderation we cn change it into a YouTube image on the poast. However regretably one cannot currently upload a file, apparently for security reasons. So to send us a file, please email it to [email protected].

Here is Belgium's 2012 very professional offering.

Here's Armidale's 2013 offering (lyrics by Helen Webb, sung by Firebirds Community Choir, video produced by Iain Mackay, President of Sustainable Living Armidale) heard when the event had almost totally wound down.