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Sydney Clearly Getting Hotter

Sydney Temperatures have risen dramatically over the last 150 years. It is quite clear from these graphs that both maximum and minimum temperatures for Sydney have risen 2 to 4 degrees centigrade, i.e. more than shown by global averages.

These contrast with the same averages for rainfall and daily temperature range which do not show a clear pattern over time.

Most Extreme Daily Values

Degrees C

In the Year

Highest Daily Maximum



Lowest Daily Maximum



Highest Daily Minimum



Lowest Daily Minimum


1892, 1932, 1962

Thus, when you look at what people in one city actually experience, the rise in temperature due to climate change is much greater than the commonly quoted broad averages over large areas and time. There is due to a metro island effect whereby cities are hotter but their temperatures are also rising faster. The temperatures will keep rising unless we do something to stem the rise.

We really do have a climate emergency on our hands.

Please sign the Climate Emergency Declaration calling on the Australian Parliament to declare a climate emergency and initiate a massive society-wide climate action mobilisation. We must Act on Climate NOW.

Author: Colin Hargreaves, AoC. Free to copy but please show source.