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Increased Car Usage is one of the greatest sources of increased CO2.

So -

  1. Walk if at all possible - it's also good for your health, then.
  2. Use a pedal bike if possible - again it's good for your health.
  3. Use Public Transport wherever possible, especially trains.
  4. Use a Motor Bike or Moped rather than a car if on your own.
  5. Use a small fuel efficient car or even an electric car.
  6. Use car pooling wherever possible.


"Commuting always ranks very high when people are asked to nominate the least desirable activity in their lives. People detest a long commute", Prof Barbara Pocock

A recent study of German commuters (by A. Stutzer and B. Frey) estimated that a person with a one hour commute had to earn 40% more in order to enjoy life as much as they would if walking to work.


Bike helmet laws have regrettably reduced the use of cycles thereby reducing the environmental and health benefits of cycling. The reduction in injuries per cyclist is far low than predicted by the helmet manufacturers and their lobbyists before the law was introduced. If you are interested, see and .

Invisible    Transport    Use    -    BUY    LOCAL


Massive amounts of energy are used not just transporting food within Australia but also from New Zealand and as far away as South America or Europe. Very often your small local veggie shop will have fresher food from your local area. The large supermarket chains tend to buy food which is no where near ripe yet just so that it can travel without getting too damaged. Such food does not taste as good and is not so good for you health. The same also applies to meat; is possible buy from a butcher that sources their meat locally. Buy food that is in season locally rather than in seaon thousands of kilometres away.


Only buy flowers that are in season locally. It is a chronic waste of energy to transport flowers, from say Holland or Israel for instance, to Australia in refrigerated conditions on planes only to have them wilt and die within a much shorter time than if they were picked locally. Consider buying dried flower arrangements that last for weeks. Buy pot plants rather than cut flowers.