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What are the key aims of the AoC?

"The main aim of the AoC is to help the formation of independent Climate Action Community Groups in as many towns and suburbs as possible all across Australia. The AoC could help people arrange meetings and will be pleased to arrange speakers on different topics as requested. These could be just discussion groups but our longer term goal is that hopefully these community groups will become physically active, helping others to consume less energy or helping those in their local community that are liable to be affected by climate change. I see the AoC as no more than a facilitator helping people to Act on Climate". Colin Hargreaves, CEO.

The Web Site

This web site is to be participatory, hopefully informing some while letting you inform others. There are many blank pages for which we would be happy to receive contributions or you may wish to submit a completely fresh page. Whatever you would like to do, just email [email protected]

Formal Structure of AoC

AoC is a democratically structured, non-profit company limited by guarantee with a constitution registered with ASIC.

The constitution is based on the constitution of the NRMA with their permission. There are two levels of membership, ordinary and associate. Ordinary members will be able to elect the Board; invitations to become ordinary members will probably start in early May. Directors are unpaid and will be elected by ordinary members as soon as we reach a reasonable number of members for the first election. Associate members are people who have just registered their interest in our climate and have done this through the Contacts page.

Initially AoC will be staffed with volunteers but, if successful, it may take on full-time staff as necessary.

An Application is being made to obtain tax-deductible gift status so that any donations will be tax deductible. This cannot be guaranteed until it is approved by the Australian Tax Office, if they agree to this. All accounts will be made public six-monthly.

Initially, we are asking for people friendly to our aims to register their email address so as to be informed of any news and events.

What is the Purpose of the Company?

(Constitution Clause 1 )

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of the company is:

(a) to promote the interests of, and advocate for, Members as a whole; and

(b) to provide Members and other persons as decided by the directors with a range of educational and other services, and products, all with the aim to reduce the degree of climate change, to reduce the harmful effects of climate change and help provide the necessary emergency, health and other services, to deal with the effects of climate change.

1.2 Pursuit of purpose

In pursuing its purpose (but without limiting its purpose in any way), the company may do all of the things set out in paragraphs (a) to (e).

(a) (Promotion and advocacy) The company may promote and advocate:

      (i) for the protection and welfare of the Members as a whole and of the environment, including matters relating to: 

(A) a balanced and integrated emergency and health response systems within Australia;

(B) alternative renewable energy technologies; and

(C) public transport;

(ii) for matters relating to sustainable living services;

(iii) for reasonable and just legislation, regulations, taxation/subsidies, and consumer protection so far as they affect Members, especially in relation to renewable energy (solar, wind, wave and others); and

(iv) for educational and research activities relevant to Members as a whole.

(b) (Work with other bodies) The company may enter into reciprocal and other working arrangements with any body having objectives not incompatible with those of the company.

(c) (Charities) The company may aid and support, whether financially or otherwise, charities and institutions of a public character.

(d) (Provide services and products) The company may: 

(i) provide advice, assistance, services and products in connection with climate change and protection of the environment;

(ii) provide loyalty or reward programs; and

(iii) provide all forms of publications, including maps, reports and periodicals. 

(e) (General) The company may:

(i) do anything else permitted by the law to pursue and implement the company’s purpose; and

(ii) do anything incidental to its purpose, or to the pursuit of its purpose.

(f) (Non-profit) The assets and income of the organisation shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above-mentioned objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation. As a non-profit company, the organisation may make a profit, but this profit must be used to carry out its purposes and must not be distributed to members or other private people except as compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred.

The President of the Board and the CEO

President - Peter McClenaghan (PhD)

The President (Chairman of the Board) is an academic in the Business School at the University of New England.

Peter consults to industry in a range of HR, strategic leadership and management areas.

Peter has delivered strategic leadership programs for the Australian Institute of Management and continues to engage in leadership development activities with public and private sector clients.

His speciality areas are staff selection and recruitment; leadership; organisational role analysis; organisational learning; motivation; and values and their role in organisational performance.

Facebook here      LinkedIn Page here

CEO - Colin Hargreaves (PhD)

Results-driven organisational leader with extensive experience spearheading major strategic planning and research efforts to drive business start-ups, growth, and innovation. Seasoned entrepreneur and operations manager with a strong track record of building market-leading organisations from the ground up. Experience Event Conference Organiser. Expert statistical analyst. 

Published books, an academic journal plus academic and newspaper articles. Academic applied econometrician and economic modeller till set up own companies in 1997, ran these till 2009 and retired therefrom. Returned to research 2011, set up Australian Online and External Students Association in 2012 and now Act on Climate in 2013.

Family of four children and so far 6 grandchildren. We must not forsake their trust in us. We must "Save our Children's World".

Director - Will Winter

For more than two decades Will Winter has contributed toward business, farm and community development in rural communities. As a business consultant, educator and community development practitioner, Will utilizes strategic planning and project management skills, complemented by strong communication and business processes, to help individuals and groups achieve their potential.

Will enjoys working in cross-cultural contexts, and has contributed over a number of years to the development of Australian aboriginal communities in regional and remote settings. Will reaches for a better tomorrow, built on the trust of future generations, in which economic, environmental and social capital is created and shared by all.

Advisor - Adam Blakester

Adam is Executive Director of Starfish Enterprises, Director of the Minerals Policy Institute, Chair of The Armidale Waldorf School Governance & Leadership Committee, Social Leadership Australia alumnus and a member of the Great Transition Initiative.

Adam's past roles include Director of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition; Director of Families Australia; National Executive Officer of NAPCAN; National Coordinator of the Climate Action Network (Australia); Finance Director of Greenpeace Australia Pacific; Financial Controller with Rural Press; and advisor with KPMG.